Marlene / Think

by Four Star Mary

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Four Star Mary is an alternative rock group formed in California in 1997. The band named themselves after the Four Star vs. Mary legal case, in which Mary attempted to sue Exxon Mobil, a large US oil company.

Lead singer Tad Looney, guitarist Michael ‘Zu’ Zufelt, bassist Steve Carter, drummer Chris Sobchack and rhythm guitarist Derrick Tanner made up the fictitious band Dingoes Ate My Baby in which Oz plays guitar in Seasons Two, Three and Four of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They have also had tracks featured on the shows Party of Five, Road Rules, The Real World and Charmed.

According to an interview in The Watcher’s Guide, music editor John King heard their music at a party hosted by Steve Carter’s girlfriend and thought they would be good on the show. Joss decided that they had the right sound for the fictitious band he wanted. In Buffy, they played at several posting board and cast/crew parties. (from Wikipedia)

Marlene was their first release, available on CD (long sold out) and vinyl (still available) on R*E*P*E*A*T Records sometime in 2000 (probably). On which we lost a lot of money!

I shudder when I see you ashamed
how many times have you been blamed
I'm tired of how they treat you
I'm tired of what they do to you
and I'm not gonna let them anymore
see these doors
open wide
turn off those voices in you head
cover your wrists, I know they've bled
I'm tired of all the teasing
I'm tired of what they say to you
and I won't let you feel this anymore
come with me
come on
come with me
won't you step inside
into a worls that's far away
we're gonna leave this all behind
come on and run with me
come with me
come on
come with me


released January 1, 2000



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