1. X-Ray Flex
    Various Artists

  2. Void
    Primitive Soul

  3. Infinite Chinese Box EP

  4. God Bless Miss Black America
    Miss Black America

  5. Miss Black America EP
    Miss Black America

  6. Talk Hard EP
    Miss Black America

  7. Get Flexit Done
    Various artists

  8. Smile, You’re On Fire: BBC Sessions 2001-2002
    Miss Black America

  9. We Are Flex Bob-Omb
    Various Artists

  10. Mutated ep

  11. This is the Sound of Sugar Town, Vol. 3
    Various Artists

  12. You Flexi Thing Vol 5

  13. Brain Bomb ep

  14. Grades in Ignorance

  15. Look Sharp! - You Flexi Thing Vol 4
    Gaffa Tape Sandy / Goldblume

  16. External Shallow Actions
    The Batts

  17. This Was The Sound Of Sugar Town
    Various Artists

  18. Venus Envy - You Flexi Thing Vol 3
    The Baby Seals / Beverley Kills

  19. This Is The Sound Of Sugar Town Volume 2
    Various Artists

  20. You Flexi Thing Vol 2
    Saltfen / SIAH

  21. Uneasy Seasons
    Louis Perritt and Maverick

  22. Never Let You Go

  23. Heartbreak Major
    Careless Sons

  24. You Flexi Thing Vol 1 : This Is Shark City
    Deep City & Matty and The Bullsharks

  25. We Are The Ones
    Gavin Chappell-Bates

  26. Horizons by Horse Party
    Horse Party

  27. This is the Sound of Sugar Town
    Various artists

  28. Paydirt
    Horse Party

  29. Gavin Chappell-Bates - Black Holes 3 track ep

  30. Horse Party - Out Of Sight​/​Receiver - 7" single

  31. Cambridge City All Stars

  32. Fightin The Power Since 1994 - R*E*P*E*A*T Best of 1996 - 2010
    Various Artists

  33. The Love Music Hate Racism ep
    Various Artists

  34. Holdfast
    Anti-Social Burn-Outs

  35. Stevie Nicks
    The Resistance

  36. Like Sights in a Blind Man's Eyes

  37. Burn Cambridge Burn
    Various Artists

  38. G-I-R-L ep
    J and Tat

  39. The Dawn Parade
    The Dawn Parade

  40. The Resistance
    The Resistance

  41. Cat-Like Creatures

  42. Marlene / Think
    Four Star Mary

  43. On The Trail
    Beverley Kills

  44. Tory Baiting
    S*M*A*S*H / NxtGen

  45. Dead Stars (Make Head Starts)
    Chasing Melfina

  46. Demos
    The Virgin Suicides

  47. When You Go Away
    The Hammers

  48. 5 Track Wonder ep
    Foxy Ramone

  49. The Saffs Ladyboy Chaser
    The Saffs

  50. It's Your Fault


R*E*P*E*A*T Records UK

R*E*P*E*A*T Records - putting the riot back into rock'n'roll...
Here we will feature our new releases, plus a some older ones not previously available digitally.
Releases by Miss Black America, The Dawn Parade and Johnny Panic (amongst others) are already widely available through I-tunes etc and hence aren't included here (yet).
Vast profits split between Save the Children, LMHR and R*E*P*E*A*T.
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